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Ignitor M1 Motorcycle Alarm

Only 2-Wires to Connect!!
Ultra Low Power Consumption
Patented Design
Made in Australia

Arms & Disarms using your Ignition Key!!
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Ignitor M2 (SMS) Motorcycle Alarm

Sends SMS Alerts to your mobile, anywhere in the world!!
Location and Battery Status Reports
Adjustable 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer
Made in Australia

Control and Personalise Settings using your Mobile Phone!!
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Grab Your Ignitor Alarm Online Now

As Road Tested by
rapid logo Bikes Magazine:
Project (Yamaha) R1

"Ignitor (M1) fitted in 14 Minutes" - Jeff Ware (Editor)

Secure Your Ride.
Keep it Safe.

An Australian Motorcycle is stolen every two hours

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Finalist 2008

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